Friday, July 23, 2010

Now I remember...... much I hated taking birth control the very first month I started it! The pill and I are NOT friends! Whenever I take it for the first time (or in this case after a loooong break) I am miserable with constant nausea. I've been up since 4 am (on my day off!) because of it and was unable to eat anything for breakfast. Hopefully this will go away within the next couple of days, but as Husband has pointed out- its great practice for whenever I finally get preggers!

On that note, Husband is taking me out to lunch because I am in need of some major greasy food to fix this!

And for tonight's festivities: BUNCO NIGHT! I have no earthly idea how to play (I actually thought it was a card game, but was later told that I was way off and it is in fact a dice game), but regardless it is going to be loads of fun! Great girls, great drinks, great food and great fun! I am sure I will have plenty of pics to share later :)

Happy Weekend!



Lindsay said...

Oh how fun! Have a great time tonight! :)

Caroline said...

Hope you feel better. I played bunco for the first time a few months ago and I thought the socialization part was more fun than the actual game. Have fun!

♥Cait said...

Hi Cait! Just stopped by to tell you I've left you a little something on my blog! :)

Jen said...

Hope you feel better soon! My mom LOVES bunco! She has a group that has been playing it once a month for like 15 years!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

awww! no fun!!! I thought bunco was a card game too?? you will have to tell me if its fun!!