Our Story

Husband and I met in our high school Psychology class during our senior year. I transferred into the class several weeks into the semester and there just so happened to be an open seat next to Husband- yes, I tell everyone it was fate! We became friends very quickly, but I was not looking for anything further than friendship (Husband had different motives in mind).  After nearly 5 months of Husband asking me out and me constantly saying "no," I finally agreed to go to a movie with him (in December 2004).  This marked our very first date, and ever since we have been inseperable.

Here are some pictures from early in our relationship:

We went off to college together, moved back from college together and bought our first house together in 2008.  That very same year, Husband proposed after a very "non-romantic" dinner (Husband was trying to throw me off so I wouldnt know what was coming).  I walked in to a house full of candles and looked up to see our living room wall filled with pictures symbolizing our relationship with the words " Some Things Are Meant to Be Together" painted below. I turned around to find Husband down on one knee with a ring in his hands and I continued to laugh through his entire proposal! (I tend to laugh, a full out laugh not a giggle, whenever I am very nervous).  To this day, Husband will not let it go that I "laughed during the entire proposal"- I'm still not sure whether I even heard everything he was saying.

We had a Halloween engagement party with some family and friends....

Then on September 5, 2009 we were married in Puerto Rico (the ceremony was originally set to take place on the beach, however, rain forced us to find an alternate location)

Not too long after returning from our honeymoon, we were ready to add "a little one" to our family