Monday, January 24, 2011

Back to School I Go!!

Well, I have officially given up my Saturdays! About a week ago I "lightly" mentioned it, but for those of you that missed it...........I am finally going back to school! I made it all the way up until my senior year of college and then just stopped before finishing--- mostly due to planning a wedding. Then after the wedding, one thing led to another, we started thinking babies (we all know how that went), then before I knew it a year and a half had passed!

I am only about 5-6 classes away from graduation so I am determined more than ever to finish! That, and Husband has been talking A LOT lately about getting his Masters, so I am taking that as my hint that I need to hurry up! :)

I went to my first class this past Saturday and it went great! I actually think taking the time off helped-- I am actually excited about going back to school and learning new things! For anyone who is interested, my degree will be in Marketing and I am currently taking a Real Estate/Investment class (Im starting off slow with only 1 class this semester).

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Well, its looking more and more like Baby Hill will be a "test tube baby".......... Today Husband and I officially entered into a new world of infertility---- the world of In Vitro Fertilization, or IVF. We sat down for our first IVF consultation today and to be honest, I think both Husband and I are still in denial about everything. Seeing pictures like the one below and thinking about everything involved in the whole process is kind of freaking me out at the moment........

I created this blog with the intention of recording our infertility journey and wanting to spread awarness on this "taboo topic". Up until I started this blog I personally had not known anyone that experienced infertility (to my knowledge) and I feel that many of our friends and family had no idea how to approach the subject when learning that we were struggling. I love that many of you have emailed me to ask questions or show support and in return, I know I will probably be emailing some of you that have experienced IVF because all of this is so new to me!

So here's where we stand: We have now endured 3 failed IUI cycles and our doctor highly doubts a 4th attempt would be successful. Knowing this, Husband and I have decided we will not move forward with an IUI again--- instead, our next step will be to begin IVF. Honestly, we are still completely unsure of when we will move forward. Between the costs, emotions, and everything else involved neither one of us feel comfortable beginning within the next month or two. But we are very hopeful that before the years end we will be ready!

For now, thank you all for your support! You will all be hearing more details as we get more comfortable with the idea of it, but for now Husband and I have many discussions and debates ahead of us!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blogger Awards and Meet Up!

I would like to say a big, BIG thank you to Stephanie from Houghton Happenings and Al from Traffic Jelly for awarding me with this:

Both of these ladies are great and I enjoy reading their blogs so much! Stephanie is currently preggo with her 2nd little one and its a baby girl! I just cant wait to see pictures when she finally arrives!
Al has been such an inspiring woman with everything she has overcome in this past year. She has learned to roll with what life throws her way and she has held her head high through it all! I really hope to see some great things come her way in 2011!

With this award, I am to list 7 things about myself and award it to others, so here we go:
*I am headed back to school (more about this to come later in the week!)
*I love all things pink- its my favorite color
*Husband and I have made a pact that all of our dogs will be adopted (because there are so many good ones out there deserving a loving home!), but I understand that not everyone wishes to do this
*I am watching the Golden Globes while writing this post :)
*I am currently obsessed with eating organic yogurt with sliced fruit for breakfast each morning- it makes me feel like I am starting my day off right!
*I absolutely love traveling-- and will finally get to travel outside of North America on our anniversary trip in September! (some of you may know where, but I am not officially sharing until we get the trip completely booked!)
*For new readers: I have now been struggling with infertility for 1 year and 3 months

Blogs I am tagging:
Brittany's Blessings
The Kubeczka Family
The Schulers
A Complete Waste of Makeup

Lastly, I am getting super excited for this:

The Undomestic Momma

Yes, I will be attending for the ENTIRE WEEKEND and I hope to see many of your faces there! One of my besties, Taylor, is putting it together and I am looking forward to helping her organize some of the events! Everyone start getting excited because it will be AMAZING! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

This weeks topic is..............Strange Addictions!

Apparently this topic was a little too hard for me :) Every addiction that I kept coming up with was not a STRANGE addiction (coffee, iced tea, shopping), so I had Husband answer for me and here is what he says are my 2 Strange Addictions:

1) Picking the skin on my fingers/lips------ Yes, this is probably gross to most people, but I cannot help constantly picking at the skin around my fingers or picking at my chapped lips- even to the point of making myself bleed :( It drives Husband crazy!

2) Every time I eat popcorn (which is several times a week!) I HAVE TO lick the butter off the popcorn bag! I know this is probably absolute worst thing to do, but I just cannot help it!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

3rd time's a charm??

Today we officially began treatment for IUI #3. After going to the doctor early Friday morning for a sono, I received some very good news--- No Cyst!! This meant we were able to jump right back into treatment without having to wait another month for the cyst to go away (like we have had to do the last 2 times). We are hoping this is a good sign of what is to come!

On a completely seperate note, IT SNOWED TODAY! I absolutely love how everything looks in our neighborhood when its dusted with some snow :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bachelor Night!

Monday night we went over to Taylor's house for our normal "bachelor night" now that the show is back on!

This has become a favorite tradition of mine over the past couple of years---- every Monday night we get together, watch The Bachelor, and our husbands join in while endlessly making fun of every single contestant on the show! This always makes for a fun-filled night!

Although, I have to say I was not impressed with any of the women so far! Do any of you have any favorites already? There were obviously some drama-makers (which will be fun to watch) and the Vampire Girl scared me to death, but so far I do not have any that I am actually rooting for. We will have to wait and see.........