Saturday, May 21, 2011


NORMALLY, I am not the type to obsess over a celebrity and do crazy things for them........BUT I definitely broke out of my shell Friday by waiting for 2 hours outside in freezing cold rain for a chance to meet Bethenny Frankel!

Yep, she came to Dallas on Friday to stop at several liquor stores and sign bottles of her famous Skinnygirl Margaritas. One of her last stops for the day was a store in Addison, which is where I, along with 1000 other people, camped out for a chance to see her. I went with one of my besties and neither one of us were prepared for the thundestorm that rolled through as we waited outside of the store. We must have been such a sore sight to see as we huddled underneath 1 umbrella together while we sat DRIPPING with rain! :) It was definitely an experience.

After my 2 hour wait, I was finally able to get into the store (soaking clothes and all) and finally was able to meet Bethenny while she signed my bottle. Her security had everyone moving so quickly through the store that you basically only got a chance to say hi, then have a photographer take a quick picture, before you were escorted out. The pictures the photographer took are supposedly going to be uploaded to Facebook, but so far they have not been posted :( Either way it was totally worth it--especially now that I have my signed bottle proudly displayed in my kitchen!