Thursday, July 29, 2010

Let Me Tell You About...... of my besties- Taylor from The Undomestic Momma. She had included me in her post today, so I figured what better time than now to write about her!

First of all, she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet! Her and her hubs are both the kind of people that are just "good people". They are always the first ones to lend a hand anytime Husband and I need help with ANYTHING! Of course, it helps that we only live 1 street away from each other, but I think even if we lived 1 state away from each other that wouldnt stop either of them from offering to be there when we need them. And I love that we spend our times together just hanging out at home. Husband and I always go over to their house to have game night or watch the newest reality tv obsession and it gives us a chance to just enjoy each other's company :)

Second, she has been a big help with everything we have been going through lately. HUGE! I can always let off some steam with her and I dont hide how much I am struggling with the whole "baby issue" from her. She has had some struggles of her own too (which I will not go into here), so it's nice to know that she is able to understand where my frustrations are coming from- although it would be even more nice if her and I both could have lots of babies without any issues stopping us!

Third, she has THE CUTEST DAUGHTER EVER. PERIOD! Seriously, Husband and I both cannot get over how adorable she is- and she has the best personality!

Now if this does not have you running to her blog already, guess what!?! She gives away tons of free stuff on her blog too! Honestly, I know most of you probably already follow her blog, but if you don't you should definitely stop by!

**On a completely seperate note: I am very excited for this upcoming weekend! Husband and I are spending the day together tomorrow (and seeing his parents for lunch too!). Husband has indicated that I can shop some also, which I am thrilled about! And Sunday, my family is having a get together! You know what this means- pictures are coming your way!

Happy Friday to everyone!



Lindsay said...

Love this! I want so badly to come to Texas and hang out with you girls! How fun would that be? It's on my agenda! :)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

awww I love you! this was so sweet of you! Have fun today...I hope he takes you to go get your new purse :)

Jennifer said...

I already follow Taylor's blog, and I LOVE it!! I love hearing that ya'll are cute!