Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Very First.......

........BLOGGER AWARD!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOSH!!! Now that I have finally stopped jumping up and down with excitement and I have had a moment to catch my breath, I can actually sit down and let you guys know just how freaking excited and honored I am! This is my very first Blog Award and it was presented to me by Ashley from My Carnival Ride! Please go check out her blog if you haven't already because she is now my newest blogger best friend! :)
I still cannot get over how lucky I am to have all of you! Every day or so I sit down and ramble about random happenings in my life and you all still continue to come back and leave wonderful comments on my page!
Now on to the award stuff.......
Rule #1: List 7 facts about yourself
1) I live by my daily planner! I have briefly mentioned before that I like to have everything planned- and I really do mean everything!
2) Dance was my hobby throughout my entire childhood. I was in dance classes, on competition teams and went to numerous recitals for over 1o years of my life! I now miss it very much.......
3) I am addicted to caffeine- in the form of coffee and iced tea (not sodas!).... I have to have a cup of either every morning to start my day. I still havent determined how I will cut this addiction if I ever get preggers :(
4) I am one of the few people that actually LOVES their job! I havent talked about my job before on this blog, but I work in a dentist's office. I originally started the job because of the shorter hours and flexibility (this was after leaving my fast paced career at Nordstrom). Little did I know that it would turn into the perfect fit for me! I work with the most amazing people and in them I have found a 2nd family!
5) I still get scared of the dark. Any time Husband is not home at night I have to fall asleep with the tv or some kind of light on- and I hardly get any sleep because I worry about every little sound that I hear.
6) I love everything that is pink! It is my favorite color and really shows that I am definitely a "girly-girl"
7) I AM NOT a fan of chocolate! (I can hear all of you gasping when you read this one!) I am Team Vanilla all the way!! Husband knows better than to ever surprise me with a box of chocolates- instead he should bring me some Cookies N Cream or Butterfinger ice cream!
Rule #2: Nominate new blogs that you love!
This part was really too hard for me- I mean how do I choose?? So instead of picking just a couple.......I have chosen everyone on my must read list! Please go to my side bar for a list of all my favorite blogs and if you come across one you haven't seen before- Click On It!!
Again, thank you for all the support!!
-- Cait


Lindsay said...

Congrats girl! Love that you love your job! And I am with ya on your caffeine addiction! :) Have a great weekend!

Meghan said...

From one caffeine addict to another - congrats on your award:)

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Dido! Except the chocolate and dentist office oh and soda! Either way this explains our bestfriendness!