Saturday, July 24, 2010

Blogger Award and Temporary Design

Wow! I received another blogger award! And you know what makes this blog award even more special?? It was given to me by another Cait! How cool is that!?!?

If you havent already, you should check out Cait's blog here. I love reading her blog because she is always fun, sweet, and SHES GETTING MARRIED! I cant wait to see what her big day looks like- but for now I love reading along as she puts it all together!
This award comes along with these two questions:
1)Why did you start blogging? By now I am sure most of you already know, but the purpose of this blog is to write about our journey through infertility (and hopefully to continue once we have Baby Hill). I had several people encourage me to start one and I am so very happy that I listened to them! Blogging has helped me so much with everything we have been through in the last 2 months and I am so lucky to meet such wonderful people every day through this blog.
2)What are your blogging rules? The only main one that comes to mind is: BE OPEN AND HONEST! Husband and I decided from the very beginning that we would share our journey with those around us because most people we know have not experienced these type of struggles. We thought it would be a great way to bring light to the issue of Infertility and in return we have received so much support! The other part of that rule is honesty: I really wanted this blog to be a true reflection of myself. Whatever you guys read on here are my true feelings and thoughts- hopefully you all like me for the "true me" :)

Now the hard part........I have chosen to pass this award along to these ladies:
3)Hilary at The Tale of This Newlywed - she has been going through some rough times lately and I am so sad that she may be taking a hiatus for a bit :(
**One last thing, you may notice that my blog looks different- this is just a temporary design until the custom one is up. Hopefully I wont have any other "design surprises" like earlier this week!


Lori said...

TOO EXCITED! thank you thank you thank you!


♥Cait said...

Awesome answers! Thanks for playing along :)

Lindsay said...

Yay for another blog award! Congrats girl!

Sammy said...

Stopping by from Top 2!

Acqua di Gio is my favorite cologne for guys :)