Friday, September 24, 2010

IUI #1 and Questions

First of all, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for all of your sweet comments and support for our big day yesterday! I cannot express to you how much it meant to me (and Husband) to know that we have such wonderful people thinking great thoughts as we go through this difficult journey. I read through each and every one of your comments before my appointment yesterday and they gave me the strength to go through everything with a smile on my face :)

Yesterday went as well as we could have hoped for at this point. Husband went in earlier in the morning to "do his stuff" and we came back 1 hour later for my portion of the appointment. (In between those times they had to process and test Husbands swimmers)

All of Husband's swimmers came back with great results. The doctor actually said that they were higher than he had hoped for- so we were off to a great start!

That itty bitty syringe below is holding our future baby (hopefully!)

Everything with my portion of the appointment went well also. Our doctor believes that there are 4 potential eggs so we are hoping that 1 of those will work! The procedure itself was a little uncomfortable, but not too painful and it took only a couple of minutes to complete. I learned that I will be going back again next Wednesday for my first round of bloodwork, but they will still be unable to do a pregnancy test at that time- I will have to go back again the following week for that. All I know is these next 2 weeks are going to be the longest 2 weeks of my life!

Now onto the "questions" part of my title.........
A couple of you have tagged me in things on your blogs recently- I just want to let you all know I HAVE NOT FORGOT! I always love taking part in these and answering the questions, but I got a bit behind with all of our doctor visits this week!
So, over the next week hopefully I will be able to catch up on these. First up, Hilary from The Tale of This Newlywed tagged me with 8 questions:

1) Which season is your favorite?
That would definitely be Spring! I love the beautiful colors from all the flowers and LOVE the warmer weather after all the cold from winter. I am definitely not a fan of cold weather!

2) What is your dream car?
That would be this beauty:

I probably wont have one anytime soon though :( BUT Husband and I are still looking at new cars and hope to get one soon, so maybe I can talk him into one (very unlikely!)

3) What is the last book you read?
Honestly, I usually read several books at a time on my Kindle- normally they are all about different things. At the moment, I am reading a book about coping with infertility- it is called "When You're Not Expecting"

4)What is your favorite weekend activity?
This sounds really lame, but I really just enjoy spending a day out with Husband- going out to lunch, doing some shopping, running errands. His schedule is so crazy that we dont always get to have these type of days and I always cherish them when we do!

5) If you could only save 1 pair of shoes from your closet, which ones would you choose?
I am not a big shoe person (shocking, I know considering my love for shopping) so I probably would just pick a pair of cute Steve Madden sandals- the kind that can go with pretty much anything

6) What do you do for a living?
I work in a dental office doing all of the front office work- insurance, scheduling, etc
It is completely different than anything I ever thought I would do, but I love the people I work with and love that I work only a couple days a week!- a huge step down from my previous retail career

7) What is your best memory from high school or college?

Meeting this man in my high school Psychology class :)

8) What was your first job?
I was a checker/bagger at a grocery store. I absolutely hated it, but it was the only thing I could find when I was 16 and had no work experience.

I am tagging:
Jess from When the Music Fades

Sorry this is the longest post ever!!


Caroline said...

Praying for you guys! Stay positive!

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

Im so glad that there is so much potential!

Lindsay said...

YOu are so positive. Hang in there girl!

Josey said...

Exciting!! Hoping this is your last 2ww for a long time!

Tiffany said...

So glad everything went well! Hoping for the best for y'all!

Lauren said...

GOOD LUCK!!!! :)

Candice Pair said...

Praying for y'all!!

Barras' said...

Good luck with everything I enjoy reading your blog! (: Oh, and I love Infiniti's!!

Stephanie said...

Good luck girl! My fingers are crossed. Sounds promising with 4 potential eggs, YIPPEE!

Jennifer said...

WOW! so exciting! praying for you!

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

keep us posted! i'm sooo excited for y'all!

AndreaLeigh said...

I'm new to your blog (visiting from Top 2 Tuesday). Just wanted to say good lucks and prayers to you on your journey to becoming a mother. My fingers are crossed!

Lori said...

Yipeeeeee! thank you thank you thank you! i am just catching up w/your blog now ...

hope everything works out well by the way. you must be thinking to the future-- what names will you choose for your lil' one?