Sunday, September 5, 2010

Boat Fun on Day 2!

Ok, before diving into a recap of whats been happening on my trip I have to start with this picture:

Yes, my amazing husband had flowers delivered while I am out here in California and he is still back in Texas. It was such a wonderful surprise to come home (to my dad's house) and see these! I really miss him........

So now onto my trip..........Just to avoid any confusion, I thought you guys might want to know some of the "backstory" on why I am in California: BOTH SETS of my parents live here- dad and stepmom (along with a baby brother) and also my mom and stepdad (along with 2 brothers and a sister). Yes, I am originally from California- and proud of it!- but early in my childhood my mom and I moved to Texas. Right after I graduated high school she decided to move back to Cali, but I stayed behind because by that point I had met Husband and we were pretty serious.

I am staying at my dad's house during this visit, but am visiting lots of different family members over the next couple of days. Today's visit: seeing my mom, stepdad, and siblings. I havent seen them since my wedding- which is ironic that I spent my wedding anniversary with them :)

We spent most of the morning on my "Nana's" boat. Oh how I have missed the ocean and just the relaxation of being on water! Here's a picture from her boat looking out at the other boats in the marina:

My baby brother Teagan sitting on the front of the boat:

We found a cute restaurant on the water to have lunch. Here I am with my other brother, Jordan, and his girlfriend:

And with my sister Maddison:

My mom got most of the good group pictures on her camera and I just noticed that I dont have any on mine with the whole group :(

We had such a fun day catching up! Its hard not being able to see my family anytime I want.......they are so far away and I wish they could be closer so that I could visit them a lot more! I must say though, if they are going to live far away I am glad it is in California- what a beautiful place to always come visit!


Hilary Lane said...

Happy belated Anniversary!!

Brooke&Tyson said...

You are so beautiful- Just wanted to let you know :) I loooove California and I miss living their so much. I'm so happy you are able to go and visit your family there. Enjoy it!! I'm sorry I was so MIA- I'm glad to be back!! Missed you!!

Lindsay said...

YOU ARE SO CLOSE :) Hope you are enjoying your time with your family!

Jess said...

Looks like SO much fun! I love going out on a boat. So relaxing and peaceful. You have a sweet husband- gotta love a man that sends flowers, especially when you are away. Keep him around. ;)