Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Getting Fit!

If you know either Husband or I, you would know that we are NOT very good about getting excercise! We have been slacking quite a bit lately- I guess what they say is true, you let your body "go" after getting married. Looking back just 1 year ago, we both were in relatively good shape. Now.....not so much. We by no means think we are overweight, but we definitely are not in the physical shape we should be in for our age (22 and 23). I think the main reason it has started to bother us so much is because we were both VERY athletic in our childhoods all the way through high school. Husband played every sport imagineable (football, baseball, basketball, soccer, etc) and I danced daily for 10+ years.

Another main reason I wanted to start getting back in shape is for Baby Hill. I've read in several places now that being physically healthy will increase your chances of getting preggo and will then help during your pregnancy. Obviously I have some strong odds stacked against me on the fertility side (due to medical reasons), but anything could help right?

So, our plan is to start running as a "family" (meaning with the dogs) several times a week. This combined with eating a little bit healthier (meaning Husband is no longer allowed to have ice cream for dinner!) should help us get back to a place where we feel content (aka: I do not get winded every time I have to climb a couple flights of stairs!)

Here is a picture of me with the puppies getting ready for the run. Please ignore the awkward position I am in.......Husband is not the best picture taker- he really needs to work on his timing!

Worn out puppies! This one is Diohgee (D-O-G......get it?? Husband named him)

And this is Miss Mollie......

And here was our healthy dinner for the evening- grilled chicken (with teriyaki glaze) and salad. Please notice how Husband's salad (on the right) does not have any tomatoes- that was too much "healthy-ness" for him! And we may have added some cheese and ranch to the salad, but hey baby steps right??

Lets see how long this healthy lifestyle lasts.........hopefully we can make it longer than a few days! Of course we will throw in some splurge days each week as well, but with how picky Husband is this may get a little hard!


Jennifer said...

Good luck on your "getting healthy" journey!! I have recently been trying to get back into wedding shape too!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!! I have recently got back into exercising and eating healthy. I still feel like I have miles to go but I am up for the challenge. Good luck again.

Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

that chicken does look good...maybe Colin can convince Ben to eat that! We had fun tonight!

MOMMA ME said...

You are making me want to start excerising again. But, I think you don't really need to lose anything you look gorgeous in all your pics. However, you are doing it the right way with excerising & keeing a healthy diet. I actually just became a follower and I like your aspect on life. Blogging has brought inspiration back into my life and a drive for writing again. Have a great night!!!

- Lindsay from Momma ME

Meant to be a mom said...

Good for you. If you can stick with it I think that's just great. I'm the worst ever at getting really into getting into shape and then suddenly loosing interest. I'm not proud of that. But I do totally admire people who can keep up with the goal..