Friday, August 27, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday :)

1) The most adventurous thing I've ever done is: Honestly, I am not sure..........I am not a big adventure seeker or risk taker. I am the type of person that will sit and list the pros and cons before taking a big risk. With that being said, I hope to start trying new adventurous things as Husband and I travel more (like ziplining, parasailing, etc). Husband loves this type of stuff and I am going to try my best to branch out so that I can do these things with him. Maybe I will have a better answer to this question within the next couple of years :)

2)If I were a pair of shoes I would be: a cute pair of strappy sandals! I LIVE in these during the summer and love that you can either dress them up or down!

3) My preferred mode of digital communication is: TEXTING! It is so much easier than having to talk on the phone with someone! Husband and I will call each other maybe once throughout the day, but we will text dozens of times! Its so nice to be able to ask a quick question or send a quick "I Love You"- short and sweet :)

4)I feel happiest when: Husband and I are laying in bed at the end of the day and just talk about whatever is on our mind. Normally the 2 dogs are cuddled in there with us too and its so nice to have those "family" moments!

5) A little dream I have for my life is: To have a couple beautiful children and enjoy life as a "soccer mom." I look forward to the days when I can wake up on a Saturday morning and go watch my kids play little league as Husband is coaching their team, or watch my little girl in a dance recital. Its such a normal thing for most people, but I think over the last 9-10 months it has become a dream to Husband and I.

6) The one modern convenience I could NOT do without is: My Blackberry! I am on this thing constantly throughout the day: texting, checking emails, looking at Facebook updates, "googling" things, you name it!

7) Music, Movies, TV, or Books: If I could only choose 1 to enjoy I would pick: BOOKS! I love curling up on the couch and getting "lost" in a good book. It is such a great way to pass a rainy day or enjoy some lounging time by the pool. (preferrably it would be a book on my Kindle :))


whitney said...

Love it girl! we should exchange BBM pin #'s! My Blackberry is like a best friend :]

Anniversary count down is here, twin!

Lindsay said...

Aww LOVE this. You will be the cutest soccer momma there ever was....soon! :)

Jess said...

I would LOVE to be a soccer mom too! Someday hon, someday!

Nicole Bingham said...

I wanna be a soccer mama too, maybe football :) Your new blog layout is super cute! I love it! I love reading your blog!

Tales of a young mamma said...

I'm enrolling my just turned three year old in soccer this fall so i can be that soccer mom! Even if he is a little young.

stephanie said...

So sweet! I agree with you, I love texting the hubs and cuddling in bed at the end of the day... makes for a perfect day!