Thursday, October 14, 2010

Meet the Parents

Day 4 of the Blogger Challange at Katie's Blog is all about the parents!

Hmm......where do I begin? There are quite a few to discuss........

1) My stepmom, Michelle, and my dad, Cory:

These two are my support line- my dad has always backed me 100% on any decision I've ever made and when Michelle joined the family she did the exact same. I did not live with my dad growing up so he has had more of an influence on my "adult" life and I am so grateful to have his encouragement every step of the way. These two have definitely helped me get where I am today and have always offered unconditional love to both me and Husband.

2) My mom, Gina, and my stepdad, Rich:

These two are the ones that raised me. My stepdad has been in my life since I was 1 year old so he was involved in most of my childhood. I lived with them until I moved on to college and I learned from them who I wanted to be as a person. My mom was my best friend growing up and I could always talk to her about anything. They have both taught me so many important life lessons and I can not thank them enough for helping me become ME.

3) My "adopted parents" Penny and Alan (aka the in-laws)

These two are the ones that took me in. When Husband and I met 6 years ago, they immediately treated me as family (little did we all know that I would become an official member several years later). When I left for college, both sets of my parents ended up in different states. Penny and Alan stepped in so that I had someone to fall back on during the difficult years of college and becomming a "grown up". They opened their home to me, helped Husband and I get on our feet, and have been there every step of the way since. I love them as if I have known them my entire life.

Now, obviously I could have gone the easy route and just done my "mom and dad", but that wouldn't have been fair because each and every one of these people have helped shape me into the person I have become. I am beyond blessed to have such wonderful people in my life and I have seen that even more in light of our recent events. Thank you to ALL of my parents- all 6 of you are truly special people :)


Neely said...

Yeah I now realize I should have discussed my step mom...great post girl!

Michelle said...

You are an amazying girl! So proud of you! Hugs!

Lindsay said...

This is so awsome Cait! You are so lucky to have such supportive parents!

Tales of a young mamma said...

Thats so awesome that you have so many parental figures in your life.

Caroline said...

Sounds like an amazing support system!

Anonymous said...

Wow! SO many beautiful parents! What a hot bunch! :)