Monday, November 15, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!

Geez, its been a couple weeks since I last did Top 2 Tuesday! I am excited to finally join back in again! This weeks topic is Top 2 Favorite Jobs:

1) My current job (which I have briefly talked about before): working in a dental office

I know, cheese-y picture, but it made me smile :) 3 days a week I spend my time with the most wonderful people! I work in a family run dental practice and help with all aspects of the front office/business needs: filing insurance claims and payments, going through accounts, scheduling patients, helping with any events, etc. This job is so different from anything that I have ever done before and I would have never guessed that I would end up in the dental field (I had my eyes set on the fashion industry!!), but I would not trade it for anything! I love having 4 days off each week (for shopping!) and love my work family!

2) The job I sometimes miss: before joining the "dental world" I used to spend my days working here:

Yes, I worked at my favorite store (and the 2nd love in my life, after Husband!). I used to sleep, eat and breathe everything Nordstrom! For almost 3 years I was able to shop as part of my job and eventually I ended up becoming an Assistant Manager for women's clothing in their largest Dallas location. This job was amazing: each day I got emails on the latest trends, discussed issues with buyers, went shopping throughout the mall to scope out the competition, and got to decide where the all the merchandise was placed. The ONLY downfall with this job was the amount of hours required as one of the managers- when I would come home at the end of the day, work came with me. I would end up making schedules and putting together spreadsheets on my days off and that was after already putting in 50 hour work weeks. I ended up giving up my dream of moving up the ladder to Buyer so that Husband and I could start a family (which we are still working on......). Leaving this job was one of the hardest decisions, but there is nothing more important to me right now than starting a family.

Link up at Taylor's blog so I can read about all of your favorite jobs!


Lindsay said...

OMG you worked at Nordstroms...I am so beyond jealous!!! :) I love that store, just walking in there makes me so happy. I bet having that job was the most amazing thing...ever :)
but i have to agree with you starting a family is more important to me too :)

Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

I LOVE Nordstroms! I'm sure your closet was to die for! I've heard the hours were crazy though! I'm sure it's nice to work only 3 days a week now!

Steve Finnell said...

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Chicago Cuisine Critique said...

Looks like two good picks. I love Nordstrom and always thought it would be fun to work there!

Lori said...

How amazing-- from shopping to teeth! One of my best friends worked as a dental assistant and she loved it-- my cousin is going to become an endodontist (going to school in TX currently) and my brother's GF is a dental hygenist. Must be a great field to work in!

Smiling is Good for Your Teeth said...

I am your newest follower!

Working in retail is soo hard because you end up spending all of your paycheck at the store you work at!! Especially Nordstrom!! :-)

Have an awesome day!

Lindsay said...

I didnt know you worked at Nordys! LUCKY! That place is my home away from home :) How was your staycation?

Kit said...

If I worked at Nordstrom then I would now bring any of my pay check home....I would spend it one all of their lovely things!

Caroline said...

I would never bring any money home from Nordstrom. It's such a wonderful store. And you just reminded me that I have a dental appointment this week. :)

katmcd said...

I'm with Caroline. I would have spent every paycheck back at Nordstrom. I love that store.

The Lucky Mama said...

I have always wanted to work at Nordstrom.. I love that store!!

Brianna! said...

I love.
who wouldnt in their RIGHT MIND love that job